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Don Cochran


Don Cochran is the founder and President of Open Skies Aviation LLC, a small GSSA and charter company in the United States that is focused on detail oriented service to every customer it touches.


After 25 years in the GSSA and Charter business, Don knows every move is unique and each customer, coming from every corner of the globe, is different - the solutions to their needs are just as diverse; one size certainly does not fit all in the fast-paced business of air cargo.


From his early days in the United States Marine Corps, he learned that solutions do not always come from a book but instead from the creativity of the people presented with the problems and their ability to find that unique solution the situation demands. These solutions come from years of experience seeing a variety of problems and long hours of creative thought finding resolve to each challenge.


His experience in the industry is just as varied as the solutions he can provide.


With a BBA in accounting from the University of Houston Downtown, his first roles in the business came in the form of accounting manager and later as Comptroller and Vice President of Finance for Meridian Aviation Services. Moving to sales, he learned how the products he had been accounting for truly served the customers and how each had special needs.

Deciding it was time to move forward, he became the Managing Director of Aviation Consultants USA, a small and growing GSSA company based in Houston, Texas where he added airline customers, grew the base of cargo for those customers and created a company known for its honest and direct business approach. The company he left was known as one that could provide solutions to the complex problems of air freight at a moments notice. He was known to his customers not just as a GSSA but truly as a consultant to the industry.

Not one to rest, Don formed Platinum Air Cargo USA and with partners in Europe a strong and reliable brand was quickly built. The one small office over 10 years grew to nine and Platinum Air Cargo USA was quickly seen as one of the largest and most professional GSSA companies in the United States. The company was acquired by World Freight Company Investments and rebranded ATC USA strengthening their platform in the United States and globally.


Seeking a new challenge, Don has founded Open Skies Aviation with the intent to provide second to none service to each customer. So, when you are looking for a GSSA or need a charter, remember years of experience and creativity will always win out. It is not the number of people working with you, but the dedication and drive of the one that gets the job done.